Welcome to this webpage!

(Still working out how it's gonna look :P)

the name's dean and Im 21 doing this for fun


metal gear. yakuza. disco elysium. bloodborne. pikmin. elder scrolls. splatoon. rdr2. gow. gbf. love live. afk arena.


depeche mode. bronski beat. the communards. mannequin pussy. oingo boingo. pet shop boys. megan thee stallion. kate bush. ABBA. pink floyd. įžŽį§€é›†åœ˜.

wwahhhhh d so yeah im typignt this so see if it'll crop because all this text expands the fuck out of this container and i dont know WHY It was fine like 5 hours ago before i tore into the code like a rabid dog and had it refresh on me

yeah so this container is still meant to be in the middle but nothing Im doing is fixing the order sos fuck me i guess

THE TEXT IS FINALLY IN THE BOX (doesn't know what he did)

woahhg watch me trype

really long sentence to test something just talking about whatever Im listening to the God of War Ragnorak soundtrack rn its fucking crazy awesome sauce Dont know what the fuck theyre saying
mads / 21 / any pronouns

here is my website! i'm currently practising a whole lot with html/css and this page is where i test how everything looks!

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this is the blog